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 Disco Missile (18 Albums, 150 Tracks)


disco missile 'free speaker'
Disco Missile 'shower'
Disco Missile 'think tank'
ACTIVE:1992 - 1995
  • Eddie Blade: Vocals, Keys, Acoustic guitar, Saxophone, Drum machine re-programing.
  • Todd Vigorous: Bass Guitar, additional vocals Live Percussion
  • William Hellfire: Guitar, addition vocals Scott George Beattie: plink piano feedback trumpet and additional vocals and mothering.
Disco Missile was an experimental noise rock pop soul blues punk band that took its cues from William s. Burroughs, the Merry Pranksters acid test high-jinx, Steely Dan and the Butthole Surfers.  The Missile recorded on 4 track cassette Tascam porta07 and porta242 with a variety of low rent mixers
and radio shack microphones, a mash up of stomp boxes and processors.  Starting with Eddie Blade on Vocals, Keys and Drum Machine programing, Todd Vigorous on Bass and William Hellfire on guitar adding Scott George Beattie for additional vocals and trumpet then later recording with live percussion shifting  Todd on Drums, Eddie on bass and vocals and keeping Hellfire on guitar.   The band started out by experimenting with various psychedelics while recording day long improve sessions November of 1992.  Dolomite, Low Rent housing,  Headbone Theatre and Monoject being the sophomoric train wreck experiments that would lead to the bands more defined and psychically connected recordings of The Moon EP,  Vinegar Eel,  CV, Micro Cosmic Audio Distortions and The Infamous Suicide kit.  The latter two having many songs that were semi rehearsed or written before attempting to record with overdubbing of vocals and semi polish mixes.  The band broke up in summer 1995.  Lossless archive available at soundcloud via severed lips recordings.  soon this will be taken down so get it while it's hot! the management 2/2012    

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