Disco Missile

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Released Mar 09, 1993
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Disco Missile - Dolemite 1992
This recording was done the very first night the band got together and played.  All the recordings on Dolemite were unorganized, noise rock improve; everything louder than everything else, overdriven and fuzzy; creating a liquidey sounding fuzz soup of each puzzling piece.  The 2rd being a Song we coined Disco Missile (inspired by disco duck?!?) and decided that would be the name of this psychedelic noise driven band.  We finished the night playing a john cage inspired concerto on a beat up piano which rodents had stuffed moldy dog food into, causing some of the keys to mute and stick.  We also recorded water splashes, and the plinking of metal sculptures.  Later a scratchy blank record side was recorded as an overdub, the only overdub in the entire session.  The first three songs were mixed and recorded live to 2 tracks.
Ok.  This was recorded late November 1992.  Todd and I had been friends since’ 91 and played in a punk band called Famine Circle, after meeting Eddie blade at a party and hearing the 4 track recordings of his solo project,  industrial agro rock “A. D. Resistant” we decided to all get together and record a set of songs I had been writing myself.  The project was called KILLING BIRDS and I had 3 “BIG BLACK” inspired songs I wanted to attempt to teach Todd and Eddie and record with Drum Machine. 
On the way to my house, deep in the dark overgrown forest of Ringwood NJ, Eddie and Todd asked I meet them in town before the roads got windy and crazy.  I met them at the local Quick Check and as I hopped into Eddies pick up cab he popped a hit of L.S.D. into my mouth.  The order for the night was to come up on acid and record.  Once home we set up.  Quickly taken by the L.S.D. effects on auditory perception, we improved a song as a sound test, Eddie on Bass and drum machine I on guitar.  Next we put Todd on bass, Eddie on Keys and vocals and whipped out another two improvised songs.  It was an improvised instant band, JUST ADD WATER! 
Listening back to these tracks was just as hypnotic as playing them.  During playback I had wrapped a red spider man wool cap over my eyes and head with the headphones on top.  Staring at Eddie and Todd through the red wool was a lot of fun, hallucinating what kind of creatures they were becoming before my eyes in tune with the out of tune music.  Suddenly Eddie’s voice came through the headphones screaming Spider!  Spider!  Spider! on the four track!!!!  Eddie was deathly afraid of arachnids. 2 legs good, 4 legs good, 8 legs bad!  I jumped out of my seat, headphones and hat flying…heart pounding with THE FEAR.  Luckily I wasn’t afraid of spiders. 
I remember going off to get a glass of water and Eddie starting a recording with a squeaky office chair and punching in the drum machine, and Todd saying “this is music man!” Squeak, Pouch, Squeak, Pouch!  We were dying laughing and shivering with electric lysergic twitches. 
The whole thing was recorded IN THE RED real hot and we mixed it and pushed it till it pinned.  We sold only a handful of these tapes.  Some were blank, the early follies of inexperienced homemade assembly line dubbing.  The 'make your own Disco Missile tape' was born and easier to digest than this wall of A.D.D. manic guitar lashing, bass swooping drum machine over driving needle pinned hot mess whne corretly dubbed.  This would become the band’s M.O.  Get together, record and release whatever came out the other end, no matter how disjointed, awkward, awful, and scary or “Buddha Provide”, “Entertaining” it might be.  Good luck getting through this one. 


Eddie Blade


Eddie Blade