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Monetization on FMA

Update: Coil Letter to Creators February 2023

What is Web Monetization?

FMA MusiciansNetlabels and Curators have the power to enable web monetization on their FMA pages. 

Web Monetization provides an open, efficient, and automatic way to pay creators on websites with the method of transferring of small quantities of money. Payments occur in real time, as content is accessed. It allows Coil Creators to earn revenue for each second a Coil member is active on their page. 

Coil is a Web Monetization provider, and Coil Members can access all web monetized content across the internet with a single membership. Tons of original content on various sites while empowering creators across the internet.

How to get started?

Join Coil now as a Creator. 3 easy steps to get started!

1. Sign up to create a Coil Creator account.


2. Choose your Digital Wallet with GateHub or Uphold

3. Enter your Payment Pointer under Monetization in your artist settings

Tell friends & family to join!

All your monetized content and more is part of a new online ecosystem!

This is how to start your Coil membership:

1. Visit Coil to create a Coil Member Account

2. Enter your Coil settings to activate your Coil power!

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That’s not all!

Coil is used by other online platforms such as Imgur Emerald, Hyperaudio, gFam, Fliptoons, Hackernoon, js13kGames, and a lot more! With your Coil membership, you can easily support not only Free Music Archive but all kinds of Coil-enabled sites, such as podcasts, gaming, tech, comedy, videos, blogs, and audiobooks.

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Illustrations by Pablo Stanley