Vinegar Eel

Disco Missile

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Released Oct 30, 1993
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Vinegar Eel
Vinegar Eel was recorded in 3 sessions over the summer of 1993 on Tascam port07.

This was the most accessible set of recordings to be released via cassette.  Surprisingly so being many of the songs were improvisational creations and all were single take recordings.  The only songs that were being played prior to this session were ‘abduction song’ and ‘naked inside’.  Both only played a couple of times each if memory serves.
The Main body of the recording was the ‘sugar cube sessions’ (very pure L.S.D. 25) comprising of Abduction Song,  Audoban, A reprise, Naked Inside, Atlantis, Kill Your Girlfriend and Rasputin. 
These songs were mixed and recorded live onto tracks 1-2 no overdubs.
Yes we misspelled audoban. 
"Wait till it's over" was also recorded during this session but was an awkward mix with the rest so we left it out only to include later on 'Micro cosmic Audio Distortions' with all the other misfit gems.
Southern State South East PT. 1-2 were recorded during one session in an attempt to devote a whole days recording to just one song, the opposite of the Missile M.O. which was to create an entire LP via improve in one day. In hopes that we would come up with a clear structured jewel, we created a monster, the polar opposite of our intention.  Marijuana aided in this backfire of plans.  As always we could never really dictate what was going to happen, chaos reigned and it was good.  This song featured 2 bass guitars and 2 six strings plus each of us howling improvised vocals in an overdubbed flurry.  The mix is a tribute to dub style mixing.
The final session was for ‘The Eeling’ and was recorded at the Drum Head Tavern, SGB's homestead in Haskell NJ.  We recorded in an unfinished basement which leads to a spot UNDER the house where lay an awful child sized doll propped up, askew, against a protruding boulder.  This basement was where Gerbil Church got its start and proved to be extremely inspirational.  A Jay Mar piano and howling dinosaur guitar feedback were used as chorus overdubs.  This song was completely improved on the spot and turned out to be one of the shining stars of the session. 
All the previous improve sessions paid off, we had ‘psychically linked’ to the point where we could function as an improvisational pop song machine.  Yes they were fuzzy, crazy and teetered into madness now and again but they were gems to the band.  This was by far one of the most exciting recording sessions the band ever had.  After Disco Missile appeared in Bikini Magazine Columbia records requested samples of Severed Lips bands.  This was the cassette sent their A&R Department.  This is the release they declined us representation.

1 The Eeling
An introduction to the headphone carnival
2 The abduction Song
Ringwood was famous for UFO sightings, the band was hoping for a ride off the planet but if we were about to ‘take-off’ we certainly couldn’t do it without a captain…
3 Southern state south east Pt.1
cheap gas, white cross, 120 mile an hour shark Pt. 1
4 Autoban
Eddie and Todd, coming back from a Donald Fagan concert, reported the smoky drive back from the stadium was like ‘being in a video game’. 
5 A reprise
Gorilla amp reverb and Casio synth flute meditation on sugar cube carpet rides and alien abductions.

6 Atlantis
The music of a lost civilization.
7 Rasputin
Todd had to go to work…Eddie and William pounded out a few more tracks and headed to the pool for a headphone listening party.  Rasputin was a scoundrel much like Eddie and Billy were…
8 Southern State South east Pt.2
Crossing the state line in a dream, redesigning hotel room, cover mirrors, al in one bed hopped on opioids awaiting Barbarella’s gravity free striptease Pt2. 
9 Naked Inside
Eddie on lead guitar; we referred to Eddie as our ‘secret weapon’; only let him out of his cage now and again. 
10 Kill Your Girlfriend
Disco Missile played with Punk bands from time to time and always dug punk rock music so why not try to play a straight up punk song with a wholesome message for the kids?
Eddie Blade: Vocals, drum machine, keys, acoustic on 1, guitar on 3,8,9 and bass on 7,10
Scott George Beattie: plink piano 1, Johnny mask live
Todd Vigorous: bass
William Hellfire: Guitar
Engineered by Eddie Blade


Eddie Blade


Eddie Blade