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Headbone Theatre

Album Description

Heabone Theatre cassette cover
Heabone Theatre cassette cover
Heabone Theatre backcover
Heabone Theatre backcover
Producer: Eddie Blade
Engineer: Eddie Blade
Disco Missile Headbone Theatre We were on a bit of a WAR kick and emulating soul, funk and blues.  None of us could really remotely even try to mimic that kind of musician ship, well maybe Eddie could but, because he had formal musical training we kept the guitar out of his hands (except for special occasions).  No matter, we were playing soul music in spirit.  did i mention we were also really into Missing foundation and Steely dan?  Anything that would make you feel seasick after smoking week.  A mockery of rock n roll.  we wanted to be a
rock band but never thought to sit down and write songs.  it was instant albulm creation.  Took us maybe 5 hours.  Just add water cause your gonna get cotten mouth! Up until now I have had a lot to say about the Disco Missile recording sessions but the earlier ones are very hazy. Probably because I wasn’t used to the dosage, the sonic battery and it’s overpowering hypnotic effects.  What I do remember about this session was that it was our 3rdand a second attempt at recording with psychedelics but something was amiss.  Todd and Eddie ate the tabs and I was left with the odd pellet of mescaline.  As I was changing my guitar strings to nice clean ones, it came on strong and I decided not to tune them up!  Just let them hang, dangle, clink and clatter where they be, because it sounded like blues music to me …or crashing plate glass or wind chimes… I don’t know.   I kept forcing everyone to record another song, every time we finished I couldn’t just sit around else I knew I would get too batty.  I think everyone was exhausted by the end of it.  Scottie was here blowing horn and maybe singing too I can’t remember so you’ll have ta listen in.  It’s a rough ride.  Don’t say ‘I didn’t warn ya’.  We sold maybe 6 cassette copies of this, really… and gave away even fewer.  A tough listen less you soften he blow by doping up first.  We recommended listening in headphones but that was a bad recommendation as the subjects would tend to turn a touch green the ‘go over’.  Good luck.  -William Hellfire


UPLOADED: 03/09/2012

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