The Infamous Suicide Kit

Disco Missile

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Released May 20, 1995
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Disco Missile Infamous Suicide Kit
Eddie Blade: Vocals, Bass, Harp, Drum Machine de-programing
Todd Vigorous: Drums, Bass on Evol Head.
William Hellfire: Guitars, additional muddled Vocals on Fuck Smoke Pot and Healing Crystal
Engineered by William Hellfire and Eddie Blade on tascam424 4tk cassette recorded with Maxell XL2S cassette tapes.
The Infamous Suicide Kit was the last cassette release from Disco Missile.  Only released at the bands last show (in a basement) to a handful of close friends. Originally the suicide Kit was to come with razor blades, instead a booklet was included.  Simultaneously released with 'Micro Cosmic Audio Distortions'. 
Uncharacteristic of Disco Missile recordings there are no ‘completely improvised’ recordings in this collection (minus last exit).  Most of it was at least rehearsed and hour or so before recording and all the vocals were overdubbed. 
'last exit' was actually called 'enclosing' on the cassette and I mislabled the aiff and mp3 by accident -curator william hellfire
Modern notes on the recordings:
Meet the Wrist Slashers:
Todd and I were watching a lot of true crime, death scenes, traces of death, capitol punishment videos and reading ‘alarma!’ and  Answer Me magazine.  You wouldn’t have wanted to meet up with us in a dark alley; we probably would have run away. We made a sticker promoting Severed Lips Recordings and it had my telephone number on it.  We placed it in every phone booth in a five mile radius of SLR HQ.  It had a picture of a cadaver’s slit wrists via Andre Serrano photograph and read “Lonely?  Depressed? Suicidal? We can help.  Severed Lips Recordings. “
Fuck Smoke Pot: (explicit lyrics and sugestive guitar playing)
"Fuck smoke Pot" was scratched into the wall next to the bathrooms at the Haskell, NJ DQ where off ‘n’ on Disco Missile alum S.G.B. used to work.
Softening the Lines:
Grape flavored codeine cough syrup broke up the band.
Evol Head:
This song was originally recorded as an improvisation during the ‘Headbone Theatre’ sessions.  It was probably the oldest song the band held onto and played at live shows and one of the only songs we revisited by re-recording hence how unusually tight and rehearsed the recording wound up.  This is also the only song with drum machine that appears on this set of recordings. 
The Healing Crystal:
The straight razor is your healing crystal.
I Wish You Were Dead:
Listening to a lot of Jesus Lizard doesn’t mean you can play like the Jesus Lizard.
Last exit: (orifginally titled "Enclosing")
An unpleasant good-bye to being disco missile and to our handful of fans; who we often urged to listen to our recordings in headphones.  Three quarters the way through creating this suicidal noise scape we all left the room and had a smoke outside.  Listening to the guitars reverberate against the Arp synths continuous vocalizations sans operator made the house seem like it were getting ready to blast off, engines were rumbling…surprised the neighbors didn’t report a UFO that afternoon.
For posterity below are the original ramblings included inside the original Xerox booklet 1995.
Meet the Wrist Slashers
Beneath the football hero and prom queen façade of American life you’ll find their pale expressionless faces that stare honestly into a bleak future. For all of your so-called wealth you could not provide for them.  Generations of failed conditioning have brought them to only one absolute.
Fuck Smoke Pot
The anthem of an anomic generation.  The Dum-Dum lyrics were taken directly from the bathroom wall of the local D.Q.
Softening the Lines
Brick buildings, cement sidewalks, hallways lit by florescent lighting… there are no straight lines in nature.  The world they’ve built is unnatural and wears on the spirit.  You can’t break down these walls but in this age of delusion chemicals can be employed to soften the lines…but in the morning, the lines seek out their permanence.
Evol Head
The world is a grey dull place.  Your life drags on without purpose. No matter where you go your mind will follow you.  There is an ugly sphere bouncing over every syllable of your pathetic song.  “We sin for your release”
Healing Crystal
It started in high school. Self-mutilation was all the rage until one kid cut his arm up so bad that they sent him on a Prozac vacation. Fight fire with fire. Eliminate pain with pain. The straight razor is your healing crystal. 
I Wish You Were Dead
Each man has control over the next man’s life, but none over his own.  The only decision you can make is “you’ll dance for them no more” watch all the zombies walk through their degraded life for twenty years or so and you will feel the same.
SLR 1995


William Hellfire and Todd Vigorous


William Hellfire and Eddie Blade