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Quirky bunch of friends who play all sorts: psychedelia, lo-fi synthpop, bedsit folk, library music, cut-ups etc etc... All of us write, sing and swap instruments.  It's a proper cottage industry, all recorded and released from home. Unifying lyrical themes include unsparingly honest self-deprecation, left-wing politics, love of the nervous outsider, and bodily fluids, with a fair dose of whimsy and surrealism. Andy mostly plays acoustic guitar, bass, 80s keyboards, and programs using Jeskola Buzz. Robert mostly whacks the drums and chimes, plays keys or wild lead guitar. Luke mostly plays electric guitar, mellifluous flute or lapsteel. Caroline toots and honks on clarinets and recorders. Keshcologists like hugs, trees and cups of tea. Keshco release an EP every few months. There are also comedy films on YouTube, and our own zine, "Beware!".
It would be lovely if you could tip us a few pennies/cents after you've downloaded, presuming you've enjoyed the music. There's a tip button on the top right of the page, and you can even put $0.01 if you like. Every little helps. We're not supported financially in any way by labels or management, and we're giving a lot of music away for free. Comments are also really welcome. When you give a lot of things away, including some very personal songs, positive comments can make all the difference. If you're even half-tempted to say something nice, say it. Don't assume anyone else will. We're not alive for long. Your support gives us the confidence to share more music for free use; and your donations allow us to spend more time putting more of our creativity into each release.
It's very exciting to see all the varied uses filmmakers have made of our tunes so far. Keep them coming!