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Carvery In The Community

Album Description

Initially inspired by a recipe song competition, Keshco present a 4-track EP with a distinctly political flavour. Released for Netlabel Day 2017, the songs here examine the creeping privatisation of Britain's National Health Service; easy-to-follow guidelines for making your own vegan protein no-bake balls; the necessity of protest and survival in the face of an uncaring ruling class; and what we've learned about tax evasion from the Panama papers. Grab it and have a good nibble.   Keshco this time:Andy BrainLuke SampleCaroline VileThanks to Gareth Monger, Andrew Walton and Bob Follen for support


Carvery In The Community
01. Keshco - Carved Up 00:03:23
02. Keshco - Bounce Balls 00:03:30
03. Keshco - Subversive Stew 00:02:14
UPLOADED: 07/14/2017
LISTENS: 12007

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