Beware! Vision Vol 6: Keshco Late and Loose 23/11/13


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Released Jul 14, 2016
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A further batch of tracks from our epic November 2013 home concert, aired to almost dozens via a webcast provider, and now available to sit on your hard drive for years. This time it's mainly soundscapes and textures, interspersed with a couple of our pop hits. Those of you who prefer our folk tunes from that night, don't worry, they are coming in a future volume!   Ghosts In The Synapse System - Tumbling throbbing radio-play intro.   Climate Dance - Originally written in 2002 and sadly still relevant. We used to gig this one a lot. The fully electronic version is on 2006's "Softened Fingers".   Dishonourable Members - relaxed improv psychedelia. Listen out for Bob's reel-to-reel making an appearance halfway through, with some earnest thoughts from David Cameron about eating his own *bleep*.   Got Lot Of Stuff - This is usually one of our catchiest/most popular songs, but I see it has the least engagement from this collection. Presumably the 45 second spoken intro is putting people off. Keep listening friends. It's a song about detritus that's very applicable to our modern age.   Secret Antifungal Agent - A piano duet between Ines and Bob.   A Fog Of Frequencies - More radio-play.   The Nightmare Child - More piano duet, some horror-tastic noodling to put the skids under your skates.   Music For Cats - Lots of flipping, flanging and layering displaying the full gamut of Goldwave's edit capacities. Tested on two cats who were unimpressed.   Daubs In An Asylum - Backwards hauntology organ.   Doogies Song - This is another very old song - first recorded in 1995 when we were 15! The single version is on 2002's "Saplings Of Sop".   Tranquil Worlds Of Excelsior - an extended spooky psychedelic freakout, with (from about 3:00) the ponderances of the galactic super-klutz Excelsior. credits released July 14, 2016 as part of Netlabel DayWritten and played by Andy Brain, Bob Follen, Ines Boente and Luke Sample Assisted in the studio by Caroline Vile and Simon Waldram   Also look out for our companion piece - Beware! Vision Vol 7: Keshco with Simon Waldram - Interpretive Finger Dance 23/11/13, consisting of all the non-self-authored tunes from that night. Because it's (nearly) all covers, it's not allowed here, so please head to our Bandcamp: (album available as a free download!)