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Filmmaker's Reference Kit Volume 2

Album Description

Keshco - Filmmaker's Reference Kit Volume 2 cover artwork
Keshco - Filmmaker's Reference Kit Volume 2 cover artwork
Hey filmmaker! Got a movie in the works but no soundtrack? Help is at hand with these varied instrumentals courtesy of your friends at Keshco. Suggested genres are indicated in the track titles. Go ahead and get creative! Do let us know if you use any bits in your productions - we'd love to see the results and share them with fellow Keshcologists. These tracks are made available under Creative Commons licensing. credits released July 14, 2018 Selections written and played by: Andy Brain, Bob Follen, Luke Sample, Caroline Vile Recorded and mixed between 2008 and 2018 on 8-track, mobile
and utilising the free PC programs Jeskola Buzz, Goldwave and Audiosauna. Cover art drawn by Bob for Bob Art Models, and coloured by Andy. Released on Netlabel Day 2018 - a long-running labour of love for which we have great respect.


UPLOADED: 07/15/2018
LISTENS: 75308

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