Al Duvall

Born June 31, 1877 in Pahrump, West Virginia, Algernon Otmer Duvall began his musical career on the vaudeville stage as…

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Rabbit's Foot Factory 2009 - Album
1.Out On the Barge 2.Smorgasbord Sam 3.Pantomime Horse 4.Beachcombing 5.The Freeze Came Down 6.Blubber For Sale 7.Beggar's Dozen 8.Green-Eyed Squatter…


zdroberts Apr 06, 2013


radicalxstitch Jun 08, 2010

love this beautiful music! Makes me wish I was 132.

Unlearny May 25, 2009

Hell, if I'z U I'd go upta dualfluffer er whatever 'n buy erry one Compact Disc what he's got! I me personly gotted em when they's first out on Edison Cylinder.

Parmaynu Apr 16, 2009

His music is fantastic.