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About Hopscotch Records

Hopscotch Records

HOPSCOTCH RECORDS was created by myself Assif Tsahar 1998 , after being sick and tired of sending recordings and asking other people to put them out. SInce then we put out around 25 CD and are still going, some years are stronger then other. We put out as many as life allows.  Most of the CD's that came out are mine but the idea was to create a platform that other people can also use. So some of my best friends, ex-wife and so on graced Hopscotch with their wonderful music. Cooper-Moore, Agusti Frenandez and Chris Jonas each released 2 CDs, Susie Ibarra released her first album and Birth (a great band that broke up) their second and last regretfully .  In 2006 I (Assif) moved back home to Israel opened a club with my best friend Daniel Sarid and the wonderful conductor Ilan Volkov, some of the recordings from our club have been heard here in FMA mostly from our wonderful friend and musician Daniel Meir who takes care of Halas page here.  This move to Israel brought another line to Hopscotch Records which is of Israeli Creative Improvisors and composers - Maya Dunitz, Yonatan Kretzmer and Yossi Mar Haim for the time being and more are coming.   to that we add another new chapter in Hopscotch Odyssey which is recording from Africa. Over the past 4 years i have been involved in some amazing music festival in Africa. One in Ethiopia and another Festu in Burkina Faso. I have recorded some of the artist there and these CD are coming out soon... one important fact is that i recorded this artist by myself i know them and i make sure that any money that will come out of it will go to them. Most of the time this artist are being used like no on else, recording put out with zero compensation (and we all have them in our houses.) on Hopscotch they own their recordings like all of us here, and they receive all profits there are.

Now most important is that we are trying to save the festival in Burkina Faso please check the page , listen to their amazing music and help..

love peace and music


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