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About esc.rec.


Esc.rec. is a record label and platform for adventurous music. The only criterion for an esc.rec. release is based on personal taste in music. Quality standards are high while keeping musical preferences broad.

Besides releasing interesting music, esc.rec. strives to achieve a platform where artists, labels, organisations, venues and distributors easily hook up to make good things happen. In order to further stimulate such co-operations, esc.rec. regularly organizes events at different locations where (esc.rec. related) artists can perform live or interact, such as the ass-crack stage-hack.

Esc.rec. was founded in December 2004 by Bart Folmer and Harco Rutgers. Bart left esc.rec. in February 2007. Since then esc.rec. is managed by Harco.


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