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NEW 11

Album Description

On May 1st, Nieuwe Electronische Waar (NEW) presents their selection of ten producers who will be coached and showcased coming year. These producers were curated by a professional team of promotors, marketeers, creative agency’s and A&R managers from Gelderland and Overijssel (two provinces in the Netherlands). With the announcement of
the selection, NEW also releases this album featuring the ten producers. Nieuwe Electronische WaarIn the past eleven years, NEW has focused on providing a platform for producers. Starting this year, NEW curates ten promising producers to coach and showcase. NEW’s mission is to discover electronic talent and develop these talents by providing coaching, studiotime and stagetime. In the past, NEW worked with producers like Knarsetand, De Sluwe Vos & Sonurber and organised several showcases and conferences. PartnersNieuwe Electronische Waar is a joint project of Burgerweeshuis Deventer, Doornroosje Nijmegen and productiehuis Oost-Nederland (part of De Nieuwe Oost). Partners of NEW are all venues in East-Netherlands, various festivals and creatives, like Hedon Zwolle, Atak Enschede, Metropool Hengelo, Luxor Live Arnhem, ArtEZ conservatorium, Extrapool, De Perifeer, Studio Wonder, Esc.rec., Wendbaar, Valkhof Festival, 8Bahn, Green Vibrations, Deciliters, 3voor12 Overijssel & 2voor12 Gelderland. NEW 11 is available as a free download and is digitally distributed through a variety of online channels (including this one) by the label Esc.rec.



NEW 11
02. Snareskin - Release 00:03:58
03. Snareskin - Unsets 00:06:01
05. Snareskin - Weightless 00:05:44
07. Snareskin - Sigaru 00:04:19
08. Snareskin - V1HD 00:04:08
09. Snareskin - Time Out 00:06:55
10. Snareskin - Xuan 00:04:52
UPLOADED: 05/01/2017

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