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 Volvox (3 Albums, 79 Tracks)


Volvox were one of the most extraordinary bands ever to emerge from Melbourne, or in fact anywhere else. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, during their short existence (1991 to 1996) they never played outside of said city. Luckily for you dualpLOVER and SPILL have taken it upon themselves
to re-issue their back catalog in an effort to preserve the recorded history of one of Australia’s true outsider outfits and to help its legacy grow outside of the few who saw them play or brought the original cassettes. Describing the unsettling nature of the Volvox sound is somewhat difficult without pointing out one unmistakable feature, the vocals style of Anthoney Riddell (aka 'Lester Vat'), their all-stumbling neurologically damaged front-man, whose infamous fall at the Redfern squats in the late 80s left him in a coma for months, and then with a significant movement disorder. However unlike other bands that have had physically or mentally-impaired members, his involvement was in no way token. Anthony was actively involved in the Sydney noise scene long before his accident, most notably with his project The Good Chamber who some Sydneysiders may remember through the Cosmic Conspiracy tape label. The bands line up also included Dave Taskas (GRONG GRONG) , Glenn Norman, Christine Thirkell + various guests.



Egg, Pluto Pup & You
04. Volvox - Poo Patch Kidz 00:03:46
06. Volvox - Osmos 00:02:56
07. Volvox - Black Pudding 00:01:10
08. Volvox - The Pasty 00:00:29
11. Volvox - Milkhead 00:03:20
13. Volvox - Horrible 00:00:26
14. Volvox - Stupid Acorn 00:01:47
15. Volvox - Choice 00:01:31
16. Volvox - Had 00:00:11
17. Volvox - Very 00:00:17
18. Volvox - Nasty 00:00:19
19. Volvox - Tentacles 00:00:14
20. Volvox - On 00:00:15
21. Volvox - Someone 00:00:13
22. Volvox - Colossal 00:00:21
23. Volvox - Egg 00:00:28
24. Volvox - Pet 00:03:44
25. Volvox - Alien Biscuit 00:03:08
28. Volvox - The Radio Things 00:05:06