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Egg, Pluto Pup & You by Volvox

Album Description


Volvox were one of the most extraordinary bands ever to emerge from Melbourne, or in fact anywhere else. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, during their short existence (1991 to 1996) they never played outside of that city. Describing the unsettling nature of the Volvox sound is somewhat difficult without pointing out one unmistakable feature, the vocals style of Anthony Riddell (aka 'Lester Vat'), their all-stumbling neurologically damaged front-man, whose infamous fall at the Redfern squats in the late 80s left him in a coma for months, and then with a significant movement disorder.

Our 2005 CD reissue of their second cassette Egg, Pluto Pup and You, marks the final installment of Spill and Dual Plover's reissue trilogy following our earlier (and now sold out) reissues of 'bad earth' (first cassette) and 'the damage begins at the mouth' (previously unreleased material). This series is an effort to preserve for all time one of Australia's true outsider outfits.

“perhaps the best band of their time. Certainly, Huhnenblut is worth the lives of ten thousand Cobains." - Tom Smith, Bananafish.



Egg, Pluto Pup & You
04. Poo Patch Kidz (03:46)
06. Osmos (02:56)
07. Black Pudding (01:10)
08. The Pasty (00:29)
11. Milkhead (03:20)
13. Horrible (00:26)
14. Stupid Acorn (01:47)
15. Choice (01:31)
16. Had (00:11)
17. Very (00:17)
18. Nasty (00:19)
19. Tentacles (00:14)
20. On (00:15)
21. Someone (00:13)
22. Colossal (00:21)
23. Egg (00:28)
24. Pet (03:44)
25. Alien Biscuit (03:08)
28. The Radio Things (05:06)

Egg, Pluto Pup & You by Volvox is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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