Slam Van

The Spin Wires

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Released 01/15/2022
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An alternative rock / pop punk / new wave track about an amazing van.


My daddy gave me the keys
one day at home
he said with this van forever
You shall roam
and I knew I could get out of this place
because the van was my
ticket to space

Get in the slam van ride it again
Get in the slam van tell all your friends

And when we got to the moon
We didn’t know what to to do
So we found some girls and found some booze
but their skin was green and their eyes were blue
and that when I knew
I didn’t know what to do

To slam in the van you better have a plan
because your not the first man to cram in the van
there are fish in the sea but clams in the van
put your pole in your hand and grab a beer can
Its no sham its like peter pan
throw your girl in the van and come to never ever land

You can jam in the van
you can cram in the van
you can even take a man in the van

Everything you’ve ever done is alway less then
I’ve never had a six but two fives make a ten
when I say red blooded I mean American
but I want the whole world to come in my van

Instrumental No
Explicit Radio-Safe