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 The Spin Wires (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


The Spin Wires
  • Joe Grasso
  • RJ Porter
  • Tyson Prince
  • Aaron Walkow (Walty)
  • Ryan Ganzenmuller
Some bands elicit a mood. Other bands instigate action. And if the Spin Wires is understood to be the latter, the sound of its dance-inducing hop rock is apt to prompt a barroom full of ebullient drinkers to drench themselves in a sheen of sweat, spilled cocktails and cups of draft beer. The four-piece Buffalo based band plays a blend of dance rock infused with elements of new wave and punk. Their music has been featured on Showtimes' Emmy nominated series Shameless and on NBC's Player Style Files. Described as edgy and danceable, The Spin Wires' music has the infectious
hooks of Franz Ferdinand mixed with the grooves of The Arctic Monkeys.

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