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Volume III by Rebirth of Fool

Album Description

Released:July 1st, 2006

After years of focus groups and market research we have come up with the perfect audio product for today's consumer. what our research has found is that today's music consumer wants to eat shit and say yummy, so we concocted the biggest load of shit the world has ever faced and hand bound it in a 24 page gold blocked book so fancy you'd think you won lotto. Yes our third installment of the rebirth of fool compilation series is simply a pearliest pearler ever, not only is it our most impressively packaged disc it's also the most expensive, labour intensive item we've ever produced. So if you wanna dumb down your ears down between bouts of xenakis and cage and hear the latest in retardation like 7u? channeling Wesley willis in an ode to this very organization, testimonials from my put to music by fool veterans new waver, unrequited love songs set in seedy adelaide establishments, instructional songwriting cassettes, gay audio porn spoken in thick Australian accents, absurd police tapes and a whole lotta other stuff not worth listing then this is the album for you.


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LunaTuna on 07/05/09 at 04:42PM
Woohoo. Just discovered "Wohin ist meine Wurst gegangen?" Awesome!
I will listen to the rest of the compilation now!
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