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 New Waver (2 Albums, 22 Tracks)


The members of New Waver met in the early 80s as new recruits to the Canberra headquarters of the Australian Tax Office. Over coffee and 500s the teenagers soon discovered their shared passion for popular music, and from there it was a short step to forming a band. They bought and learned instruments, and by the end of their first year on the job were regularly getting up at departmental social gatherings, playing the hits made famous by their musical heroes. Within a few years the members of New Waver had released an album, been promoted to Acting Clerk Class
Three, and even been invited by the Under-Secretary of Administration to play at the combined federal public service end of financial year boat cruise. But sadly marriage, increasing job responsibilities and the secondment of their lead guitarist to the Adelaide office found the band unable to devote the time and energy necessary to maintain the competitive standards their colleagues had come to expect. It was time to give up the night job: the New Waver dream was over ... But now their music can live on, thanks to the Dual Plover and Spill labels who have brought this retrospective collection to the compact disc format - so convenient to play while computing or commuting! We're excited about this cd, and hope that listening to it distracts you from your tasks as much as making it did us. File under "rock and roll" !