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 Toxic Lipstick (3 Albums, 34 Tracks)


  • Synthia J Pop
  • Cyndii Valentine
  • Baaddd
Toxic Lipstick are the hottest chix in grade 9, so u better bring a spare pair of undies in case u cream your good ones!!!! These ca-razy teens are emotional and hard hitting, with matching uniforms and voices that harmonise perfectly. Often they tear their uniforms off at exactly the same time to reveal amazing rock eisteddfod-esque costumes underneath. This move is generally busted just before the girls drop le bass. Most people are all too aware of the fact that Toxic Lipstick are professional athletes who are unafraid to bust BITCHEN dance moves right in your face. In light
of this astounding information, certain jealous types have reverted to the spreading of vicious rumours about the girls. For instance,it is purported Toxic Lipstick is no more than a front for failed early 90's psy trance band 'Sexual Acid and the Phfat Tits' in a desperate bid to relaunch their non existant career. Anyone who believes this cruel lie must surely be wasted on premium triple dipped brown acid, as the girls were only born in the early 90's, boasting the same age as Nikki Webster.


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