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Hi, I hope youre okay. That's it, I just released my 100th album which contains the 1000th title I have put online since I started my musical production. It was cool, I learned a lot of stuff about music, composition, recording, instruments, my way of creating and my relationship to music and its creation have evolved a lot in proportion to the productions and anxieties connected with this activity. I started publishing music on March 16, 2011, solo, my first recordings date back a few years before, in the U-Man improvisation duo and with a rock / folk band called
Black Sheep. It was cool, and I still remember when I released my first album. I knew it was not top quality, it didn’t sound like the artists I used to listen to, a point that really frustrated me for several years and I think I have since discarded. I released a second solo album a year later, on March 16, 2012 and an EP with the group Nobody Opposed The Project and then another EP challenge to record 5 tracks in two days. It was a hell of a challenge. I did not really master the production tools I used, nor did I have the same composition tools as now (creative path, instruments, references). Although I wasn’t very pleased with the result of the two previous albums and EPs, it was really only at the release of the third album on March 16, 2013 that I really felt I could do things pretty good in music. It had been a while since I was making music in an amateur way and I had quite a few doubts as to what I was putting online. Everything I published was weighed thoroughly, I was really afraid of being ridiculous, of publishing things of bad sound qualities that would sweep away my words. Sometimes I have been hurtful about feedbacks on my work, but other messages have reassured and encouraged me in this direction. The shape really distressed me for a long time, and it was a big obstacle to my productivity but also gave me impulses of interest to the production. I then chained more projects and my production barometer exploded in 2016 and even more this year. I came, across all my bands and musical aliases on the internet, not to mention the best of and the compilation Mothlight OST (I counted the 3 unreleased songs), to 100 albums and 1006 songs. Of which 4 copyright albums, 2 in CC-By-NC-SA and 3 in CC-By. It's clear, I had something to prove to me. I am quite anxious in general and I needed to know that I was good at something, at least one, and I think that suddenly I master this stuff, produce fast, stuff not necessarily good sound quality which would provide a potential revelation at every listen but stuff that can make the ork according to the person who could listen to it. I did this in a large part for myself, for particularly selfish purposes, to have the biggest (even if I avoid saying it in society), to impress when I say it, to silence the old remembrances of rejection that I have trouble digesting, for when I am depressed to say that I accomplished this thing. I did it to stand out a bit of the lot of artists because it is my only way to appear from time to time on the bugged charts of some sites that only present the same artists all the time, so I mass produce so one of my titles has a little visibility and is listened, remixed, reused and can live a little bit. I did it to kill the boredom that annoys me every day, to give direction to my life, to say "I did this today" because it still has a little meaning and values in my eyes to do this every day, because it is one of the only things that I am able to master with certainty. Then I did it because some people told me that what I was doing pleased them, made sense to them or listened to it with pleasure. And because free licenses have allowed me to have feedback from anyone with an interest in my music beyond listening and fun. I'm glad I made the choice to release my music in CC0, it was my only real hope of being heard somewhere. I have neither the knowledge, nor the values, nor the physical, financial or mental capacities to do anything alone in the mainstream or underground music scene. For a lot of reasons, these two layers of musical visibility are not made for me and could not receive me anyway. I do not conform to the mainstream system and the French underground system. I do not have a correct recording sound quality for the underground, a car license, a car and amplification gear to shoot in the coolest bars in France, I do not have the mental strength to call all the concert halls and bars in order to book dates, I do not have the mental strength to suffer failures to these steps, I do not physically have what it takes to turn with gear without hurting me . So to you that make live this little world of free music and music from underground, thanks to you. It is thanks to you that I have this little radiance and that people can finally listen to me and use what I do. It gives meaning to a lot of things, so thank you very much to you, you are incredible. Well, I released 100 albums, ok, it's cool, but what does it change in the end? Nothing. I should not be listened more because I have produced more, I am not superior to another artist who would have produced less or not at all. My words have no more credit than any other artist because I have produced more. I'm still glad I did it. If it is your will to do the same, produce a max like that, it is possible. It takes a lot of work, 2/3 years of unemployment still is not a lot to do it, and if it's something you want to do, make me sign, it would interest me to know other people who are in the same approach of production. Now, I'll keep recording music, maybe take a little more time, do more collaborations and work not just for me. Besides, if you are looking for someone to make the music of one of your creations, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time and attention, I leave you to listen the 100th album called · I hope you’ll like it. Thanks again <3 Monplaisir



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