French musician, recording weird folk, rock, classical guitar, but mostly with noise and distorsion. Take what you want, I'm not…

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Lisa Hammer Jan 11, 2023

Hi, used your music in a film, and now I posted my music on here if you want to use it or incorporate into another song. (I think we were speaking through email?)

BilderAusDemIch Jul 07, 2019

You're all gourgeus artists! Everyone of you! And again ? I want to say ?Thank you!!?. You'll find your name in the credits in the end of my film!! Thanks and greatful greetings from Austria, Bianca Maria

Rrrrrose Azerty May 20, 2017

Thanks @pianodude ! =) Thanks @AntiNSA , I'll check out !! :)

AntiNSA May 20, 2017

THanks man. I will use some on my video blog soon...