Kathleen Martin

Won't write a flowery description about my music or creative process here. These tracks are not meant as some appetizer…

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Yuletide in Tongues 2014 - Album
An EP of seven traditional Christmas pieces in original languages. For more details: https://soundcloud.com/kat330/sets/yuletide-in-tongues


OScarborough67 Aug 17, 2016

Your music is absolutely amazing. I love your voice!

Kathleen Martin Aug 03, 2016

EDavis: Very kind and much appreciated! Scroll down titles here http://soundcloud.com/kat330repost/tracks for my unique covers of classics by Dylan, Mitchell, Young, Hynde, Mould, Cohen, Donovan, Osborne, Newman, Brel and here too: http://soundcloud.com/kat330/tracks Thank you for listening! ?

EDavis89 Aug 02, 2016

There's something unique in your music which I love. Keep going this way!

Kathleen Martin Nov 14, 2015

Please see JT's Meerkat's View, video from the Louisville Zoo w/my backing music: https://youtu.be/zXLzeEbwNEU