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Won't write a flowery description about my music or creative process here. These tracks are not meant as some appetizer or promotional tease toward purchase of my work elsewhere; instead I am freely offering up my considerable time in writing, arranging, performing, recording and producing the sounds here and dozens more for download at SoundCloud or Bandcamp. My primary aim is to share and celebrate the giant, genre-spanning love I have for this audio art form with you. If something heard also brings a smile or genuine emotion to your day, that's just the icing on my aim-cake.

I notice many artists list influences, but that would be tediously long in my case. Like so many music-makers from the southern Midwest, it was family singalongs, piano lessons, church / school choirs and band that informed my earliest music sensibilities. Then my trusty transistor radio, blaring a lo-fi AM mix of music from Motown, the British Invasion and West Coast psychedelia, rarely left my side and sucked dry countless batteries throughout adolescence. My first whiff of Dylan began a begging for a guitar, and that gift was then the gateway to a great array of the finest singer-songwriters.

I sincerely hope you will download and share my sounds with like-eared souls. If you have any questions or curiosity that these words and my songs do not satisfy, feel free to drop me a line. You can hear interviews of me here:



https://youtu.be/tDDGKSTzBxk for JT's IDY video, my profile and mix for the FMA blog, and for something completely different from my FMA tracks, please check out my unique covers of songs by Dylan, Cohen, Mould, Hynde, Newman, Donovan, Mitchell, Morrison, etc.: https://soundcloud.com/tags/Kat Covers

CREDIT DUE: Most images and the task of track uploading are courtesy of my much better and hardworking half, JT Lindroos. [Kiitos, hunaja!] Videos using Kat's tracks here: https://youtu.be/BezN4R-WZRI