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Up to Me

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Kat with Crystal Cat
Kat with Crystal Cat
Producer: Kathleen Martin
Engineer: Kathleen Martin
Maybe this is a straightforward "he done her wrong" song. Maybe I wrote and sing it from the FLOTUS' POV and might have subtitled it "Make Melania Great Again Blues." Maybe it's a wider metaphor for how our nation's no.1 confidence man has sold our national pride for personal gain and has dried up the dreams of too many, making it clear we must get him GONE along with his enablers in Congress to bring back the best in US. I leave it up to you.The familiarly marvelous piano part is provided by my absolutely favorite Nice person, Damien Riba,
courtesy of Mangalyan Records. Discover more Damien here:@damien-ribadamienriba.bandcamp.comWritten, produced and otherwise performed by Kathleen Martin Love, courage and hugs to my listeners!     x♥x♥x♥ UP TO ME lyrics —  Kathleen Martin © 2018 Up to me, he sidled and said to me: "Hey, honey, I'm your destiny!" He swore to bring out the best in me, And I felt it. So charming, he really got to me. His confidence was so hot to me.  Resisting him was not to be, I just melted. Next you know, I'm his bride-to-be; Then he lied and lied and lied to me. He leached out all the pride in me, And he sold it. He drove off the drive in me. He rode off all the ride in me. My dreams dried up inside of me, And I folded.                  Now he's gone and sealed my destiny To a life that's always testin' me. On my own, I'll find the best in me— I can take it. Up to me to bring out the best in me— And I will make it.



Up to Me
UPLOADED: 03/25/2018

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