Jaan Patterson

Offenbach am Main, Germany

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Jaan Patterson Nov 12, 2014

"Welcome to Jaan Patterson's playful dystopian radio; whose Dada and I-Ching infected station-dial alights upon portmanteau scenes of horror-Punk and appropriated speech, where fractured field recordings and malevolent synthesisers prowl. Patterson's work is, by now, vast and numerous, and goes...

Jaan Patterson Nov 11, 2014

"Jaan Patterson's music explodes in universal appreciation of music and its many languages. He embraces, nourishes and transcends many traditions and anti-traditions reaching a new plane of musical existence, looking at music with a fresh pair of ears. Whether it...

Jaan Patterson Nov 11, 2014

"First off Jaan Pattersons music is always great. Been a follower of his work for many years. Every album is unique, fearless, interesting and challenging. He is a master at transferring the realms of his mind into the reality in...