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The Interviews (Call for Collaboration) by Jaan Patterson

Album Description

Cover by Bernard Dumaine & Janelle McKain
Released:December 7th, 2014
Producer: Jaan Patterson

The Interviews? (A call for collaboration!)

The 200th release is coming up! I’d love YOU to participate!

d/eaR Friends, i invite you to collaborate in this game by using ONE or MORE or ALL of these tracks (any sound you hear is from the interviews) for the 200th release on suRRism-Phonoethics.
Feel free to mangle, destroy, compose etc.
No limits.

Send your results which you want to publish including the details which ‘interview’ you have used, eg. name AND YOUR name OR artist name to preferably via or similar easy to use file sharing service. Thank you for your interest!

Cover for this compilation by Bernard Dumaine & Janelle McKain, special suRRism thanks to both of you!

FINAL deadline is the 10th of April 2015

1- Anthony Donovan
2- Francis Bacon
3- Frank Zappa
4- Georges Bataille
5- Gilles Deleuze
6- Jean Cocteau
7- Marcel Duchamp
8- Noam Chomsky
9- Paul Éluard
10- William S. Burroughs

(only sounds from the interviews were used)

Download from the Internet Archive the whole package in either WAV or MP3, whatever suits you.



The Interviews (Call for Collaboration)
01. Anthony Donovan (00:51)
02. Francis Bacon (00:55)
03. Frank Zappa (00:43)
04. Georges Bataille (00:58)
05. Gilles Deleuze (00:46)
06. Jean Cocteau (00:47)
07. Marcel Duchamp (00:51)
08. Noam Chomsky (00:45)
09. Paul Éluard (01:00)

The Interviews (Call for Collaboration) by Jaan Patterson is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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Jaan Patterson on 04/19/15 at 05:28PM
It's done, the collaboration compilation can be found here:
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