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Crystallization of the Quantum Availability by Jaan Patterson

Album Description

Crystallization of the Quantum Availability
Released:October 4th, 2014

i dive into cover, restless i open my eyes in search for you. the pain of the unseen effects last way to walk under the ceiling of cracked desire.


life seems empty without death when spoiling the wood.


Don’t misundersturb me….


Crystallization of the Quantum Availability by Jaan Patterson is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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Jared C. Balogh on 10/07/14 at 07:41PM
First off Jaan Pattersons music is always great. Been a follower of his work for many years. Every album is unique, fearless, interesting and challenging. He is a master at transferring the realms of his mind into the reality in which we call music. "Crystallization of the Quantum Availability" again falls under this description. It is always hard to describe his music but that is what I love about his work. The only description I can think of for "Crystallization of the Quantum Availability" is film score music created by a mad genius that has isolated himself from society to create visceral and uncompromising sounds that would stand the brutal test of time for infinite millenniums and that consciously frolics on the thin line of sanity and insanity.
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