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"Marty, Ladies and Gentlemen!" by Doctor Turtle

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Captured Space Angel
Captured Space Angel
The cover image is Captured Space Angel by the British artist Tanya Tier, and is used with permission. Her excellent website is at Design by Stephen Randall. I put 18 of the tunes from here that seemed to stand up best on spotify and apple music if you want to stream them or, you know, put them in blockbusting playlists.


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Also streamable on apple music and spotify.This tune is dedicated to the memory of Adrian Bunting, who was always generously supportive of other people's creativity. Way back in the early 1990s, Adrian ran a performance night in Brighton called Zinc Bar at which slightly unhinged maths genius Marty became something of a legend with his often bewildering allegorical tales. Usually topped and tailed with an effusive "Marty, ladies and gentlemen!" from Adrian.When he died in 2013, Ade left his money to help set up BOAT, an open air theatre in Brighton which he spent the last weeks of his life designing and which opened in 2015. Go check it out, and if you're feeling insanely generous, donate.
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