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Hello Podlings, Youtubites etc. If you want to get all my CC:BY stuff as a single free download in one…

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The Mountains Don't Care About You 2021 - Album
A few things I've done recently - all CC:BY as usual. It's up on Spotify etc too now, in case…


juliabrown1966 Jun 28, 2019

amazing work

pillo86 Apr 14, 2019

Thank you, mate :) here is the link: We gave you credits in the video description! Greetings Philipp

doctor turtle Apr 12, 2019

heya philipp - excellent! use whatever you want.

pillo86 Apr 11, 2019

Hey Doc Tutrle, really appreciate your music here! I work for an organization in Germany called NABU. It is an non profit/non goverment organization, working in Environmental Conservation. Right now I am working on an image movie to show a...