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Opsigon by Bakers At Dawn

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"Have you ever seen a pallid dusk haggling with what the mirror returns to you? That is an intact look. Intact traits. Here goes a round-shouldered girl with flowers in her hair; she knows the mathematical chance of a good weather. She knows you. You may know her. However in imitation of her bearing you're trying to look.Crepitation doesn't mean a pitfall. May be you should stand closer to the door. Someone may come to you.Vocals assuaged by the guitar. Guitar that sounds not hortatory but friendly, paving the way to your blood, to your substance. Contravening and awkward music
with a lot of hidden pits, with a host of cues, with a stable feeling that something is gnawing at the back of your mind. Are you grinning?" - TC_Orchestra



04. Bakers At Dawn - Opsigon 00:02:18

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