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 Bakers At Dawn (1 Albums, 15 Tracks)


LOCATION:Malmö, Sweden
  • Marcus Sjöland
Bakers At Dawn is Marcus Sjöland, who lives in Malmö, Sweden, where he works in a record store and spends most of his remaining waking hours obsessing about or playing music.   He lists among his influences The Freed Weed collection by Sebadoh, Graham Coxon, Leonard Cohen, The Melvins and Neutral Milk Hotel.  However there's always another part of him that would like to play super brainy prog built on complicated math equations, and then process all the sounds with various spacey effects and vocoders. He's released numerous cd-r's and has put out a number of internet releases as well, including
last year's 'As Is', which is also freely downloadable.  Also he plays in a band called The Argument, check 'em out!


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