Asian Women on the Telephone

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Born in 2007 from the ashes of three underground stations – Lubyanka, Park Kulturi and Domodedovo – a Moscow experimental outfit ASIAN WOMEN ON THE TELEPHONE is one of the new Russian avant-garde movement’s most innovative and successful hands. Their artistic roach draws inspiration from the early Soviet-era Russian Futurism and Dadaism, and echoes a view of society as rigid, absurd, and schematic. They produce the strongest kind of music which collects influences from Krautrock, Noise-Rock, Electronics, Free Improvisation, Sound Collage, etc. and channels it into idiosyncratic, killer-whale-vision. No overdubbing, no analog. This is lo-fi music for a low-grade world. In fact, AWOTT have never stressed their musical content, regarding music just as an accompaniment to freaky costume-and-masked performances they set. Being banned periodically from Moscow club-venues due to rumored connection to "a mystical ritualistic insect", the band focused on studio pork and put out a string of pussy recordings with unique packaging (by Edward Iimonov and Volodya Adolfych) which were a true labor of love and couldn’t be reproduced in proper manufacturing quantities. Still and all, nothing can be compared to live gigs by AWOTT