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Mary Mack by Al Duvall

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An unguided tour guide down memory Lane, turn of the century style American folk. Played on banjo, kazoo, guitar, musical saw, and a collection of spittoons, frying pans and medicine bottles. Al’s vaudevillian songs are heaped in black wit, double entendre and clever word play about kleptomaniacs, Moonshiners, criminals, loners
and even more shadowy figures. The music is a mix of old-timey, ragtime, sea shanty, Victorian parlour and jug band. Recorded on wax cylinders and other lo-fi devices, these songs were meant to be written between 1900 and 1930; he just never got around to it until now. “his lyrics strike with all of the bravado of a Tom Waits album, but with a twinge of the old Vaudeville” - Folk it Up.1.Bury Me In Shellac 2.Barstow Blues 3.Poppycock & Tommyrot 4.The Day Bartender 5.Mary Mack 6.Labias & Genitalmen 7.Tea With Lady Drake 8.The Abandoned Matinee 9.All Whistle and No Train 10.Squirrel Shucking Bee, Part One 11.The Maid of the Marshes 12.Penny Champagne 13.The Dirty Half-Mile 14.Hildegard 15.After the Luau



05. Al Duvall - Mary Mack 00:02:29

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MARY MACK A Romeo is more effective when he is a store detective working up along the Ladies’ Mile Poking deep into the sacks of classy kleptomaniacs dolled up in a most attractive style There is one who mocks my duty Sleight of hand but full of beauty Daring at her art She’s gone and swiped my heart Mary Mack may I remind you why I walk the floor behind you How your dress is bulging out in back I’m onto you I must admit I wink the other eye a bit when you stuff your muff with bric-a-brac Our romance is getting risky Still you have me feeling frisky What a job uncovering your plot And I’ve been staring at your derriere wary of the wares you bury there Mary Mack just show me what you’ve got Please consider my position let me hold you on suspicion Take you down and empty out your dress Just let me perform the search and I swear I won’t find any merchandise if you let me have just one caress Let me see where you’ve been stashin’ laces of the latest fashion and the mink you stole instead of bought On my shift there’s no alert from me Lift it all just lift a skirt for me Mary Mack just show me what you’ve got
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