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Steeplechase Bound by Al Duvall

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Album Description

1.Saxonburg, Ohio 2.The Trashman's Daughter 3.Shibber and Moan 4.Riot In Chinatown 5.Madame Bowery 6.Steeplechase Bound 7.Dreaming Of A Good Night's Sleep 8.Nymph Du Prairie 9.William Knave 10.Times Ain't Like They Used To Was 11.Pick 'Em Clean 12.Hornin' Zeese 13.Sixes and Sevens 14.Crouching In The Thicket 15.The Elf-Shot Ploughman 16.Coroner &
Knives 17.Penny Hang



Track Info

STEEPLECHASE BOUND In Greenpoint (that’s the end of the pickle) the summer’s pretty sour The river is a brown little trickle along a smokestack tower So if you’re green take a pointer from me and have a healthy dip in the sea And you might spot my face down at the Funny Place, I’m Steeplechase bound where the ponies and the people race ‘round I’m a heading out to see the elephant and pay a visit to the Incubators and Zip What-Is-It Steeplechase bound in the Chair-O-Plane up over the ground On the Whichaway Flip-Flap Shoot-the Chutes Tickler too Dew-Drop Razzle-Dazzle wait ‘til you are Steeplechase bound hear the ocean crash and the ballyhoo pound With a mug of Piel’s and a foot-long Coney I’ve dug my heels in the world’s most phony and cheap place found How I love it I’m Steeplechase Steeplechase bound.
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