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Hornin' Zeese by Al Duvall

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1.Saxonburg, Ohio 2.The Trashman's Daughter 3.Shibber and Moan 4.Riot In Chinatown 5.Madame Bowery 6.Steeplechase Bound 7.Dreaming Of A Good Night's Sleep 8.Nymph Du Prairie 9.William Knave 10.Times Ain't Like They Used To Was 11.Pick 'Em Clean 12.Hornin' Zeese 13.Sixes and Sevens 14.Crouching In The Thicket 15.The Elf-Shot Ploughman 16.Coroner &
Knives 17.Penny Hang



12. Al Duvall - Hornin' Zeese 00:02:45

Track Info

HORNIN’ ZEESE Ose draggy, ink standy, dogbait, chucky, jimheady, tongue-cuppy and I got to get to ottin’ up so early of a mornin’ hornin’ zeese, Dear charlie, slug neemer, that’s earth I’m dreeked from a burlin’ plenty... Seepy eebles, myrt’s sister, bahl skee tidrick in the hobneelch region.. itch neemer, fetched, flattened, lews and larmers in the chiggrel sale..
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