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AG Davis - 'Costume For Breeding'
LOCATION:Jacksonville, Florida
  • AG Davis
Born in Lubbock, Texas in 1984, AG Davis is a sound poet, writer, performance artist and composer who resides in Jacksonville, Florida.  Davis began his career as a Division I football recruit, having attended West Point for a brief period of time.  After dropping out, he earned his degree in English Literature at the University of Florida (2006).  During his University years, Davis began performing with his nihilistic and extreme grindcore band Boy+Girl. In the course of their eight year existence (2005-2012), they released some 18 albums on various small labels before imploding at a notorious show in Gainesville, FL
in which they were joined by Rat Bastard's infamous Laundry Room Squelchers. Boy+Girl shows were noted for their absurdity, being described by Paul Haney of WFMU as “a delirious, wonderful mess of the most id-driven factions of noise, free jazz, hardcore, and whatever else you may gather from the ensuing muck.” With Boy+Girl, Davis developed a distinct vocal style which focused on what he calls "pure and unfettered tongue-throat”; it is a vocal style indebted just as much to glossolalia and self-induced psychosis as to more controlled methods of subverting semantic content. Since Boy+Girl, Davis has collaborated with a handful of artists including Kommissar Hjuler, Dr. Anthony Donovan and former Boy+Girl members, although the bulk of his collaborative work has been with avant-garde saxophonist Jamison Williams.  Together they have released material on vinyl and cd, and are known for “...pushing the boundaries of what their tools are meant for...” (James Fella, Gilgongo).   Also worthy of mention is Davis' solo project Extra Sexes, which formally began in 2009. Ed Pinsent  of The Sound Projector depicts it as such: “The plan started out as a sort of cut-and-paste plunderphonic business, but with the malevolent intention of destroying the history of recorded music in a gigantic conflagration; sampling as an act of mangling and mauling, rather than anything to do with enhancing or expanding our musical appreciation.” Extra Sexes released one lp entitled “Spiral Mirror” on the label Smeraldina-Rima in an edition of 300 copies in 2011.   As a solo artist, Davis continues to develop his vocal technique, and has most recently released material through the well-regarded label  My Dance the Skull. He confounds expectations, and his work further proceeds into a realm most people don't know exists. >> Read more at: taken from

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