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Voice Studies

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AG Davis - 'Voice Studies'
AG Davis - 'Voice Studies'
Producer: Jamison Williams
suRRism-Phonoethics is more than proud to digitally release: AG Davis – ‘Voice Studies’! Voice Studies was originally recorded in March of 2012 by Jamison Williams, and released by My Dance the Skull the following year as a cassette in an edition of 100 copies. “This says nothing because my soul says nothing; my eyes wander past blank, cavernous skylines; my heart has become glacial, glassy. Candles are aesthetically left next to the voice that used to allow for its own kidnapping on warm, misty nights. Sophie. Sophie is left hanging by empty threads . . . She is bitter and
her tongue is rigidly caged. I miss her simply because my end is my beginning. I will find her again and ask her, ‘OF WHAT DUSK ARE YOU?’ And with her reply, I will know . . . This tape is the magnet to draw her back in.” AG Davis “Floridian devil vocals, racing around like full blown glossolalia at times, then settling back into tongue investigations of dark bitter roots. Toothy or Throaty? Both!” Byron Coley in The Wire “Familiarise with many of the criobolium and such as skin cultures and elaborate early perceptions, one of the most venerable mythological inventions ubiquitous not only in periods of the common legged museums laid by a sacred bird are the enclave of undivulged secrets of AG Davis. A glimpse to assure fertility of illuminated foreheads symbolise ornamental clads and embroidered garments.”Jaan Patterson Download from the IA as 320K MP3 incl. CoverDownload from the IA as WAV incl. Cover Listen here using the FMA player.



Voice Studies
UPLOADED: 09/06/2015

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