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Bionicism by AG Davis

Album Description

AG Davis - Bionicism
Released:December 6th, 2015
Engineer: Travis Johnson

Full-color pro CD-R available September 21 at:

Poverty Electronics


i am abandoning all [heads] for other [headless] who maintain foreign pattern(s), focus fractality as all selfsame do, shift to [headless-for-self] / [headless] beyond outside criticism, the only critic as myselfishness / [headless] in mind alone without sounding voice, paper, film, extraneous instrument(s) / [headless] consumption of void-machine-magic-eye-contemplating soul-rush / things beyond pristine for hegel: i don't believe in imagining to produce for some at a distance at whatever point(s) / imagine to imagine for imagining by oneself, yes, myself / keep it for the mind surge beyond mind that becomes transcendental experience, and this awakens a self-referential vortex to my metamachine, my experiencing myself as my own creation, [headless] in mindful alone by this / and if death erases, then death as an unlimiting token to oust-burst this ''outside'' that terms to make me bleed / i will orgy myself to lifestream faster than all rates of speed 

and with more extension than the infinite, even in death, which fabricates as itself to make all once believe in beginnings 


vocals on "Nokta Cap" by Rodrigo Ambriz Mondragón 


graphic design and mastering by Travis Johnson


Bionicism by AG Davis is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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