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 Astrometrics (3 Albums, 7 Tracks)


LOCATION:20570 Turku, Finland
  • Teemu Tuovinen: Keyboards
  • Joonas Laine: Drums
  • Irene Prix: Vocals and Guitar
  • Kalle Alho: Bass

Astrometrics is an independent melodic geek-rock / space-rock band from Turku (Finland) formed in 2012. Their first three-song EP, "Engage!", was published in September 2015.

Second EP "Life On Earth" followed on 16th of December in 2016.

Currently, Astrometrics are rehearsing new material for their next recording which will probably be out in 2017.

The band's songs often mix electronic sounds (using a self-built synthesizer that has been fitted with the sound chip of a Commodore 64) with somewhat geeky lyrics involving the zombie apocalypse, battles in space, alternative societies or the history of the calculus.

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garageflips on 04/15/17 at 02:55AM
Beautiful music, really enjoy!
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