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b tritones by thetunefulquire

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sunrise in the gombori range. kakheti, georgia
sunrise in the gombori range. kakheti, georgia
sound journeys from thetunefulquire piano harmonies collected from the aether by timothy merkel recorded with love at tbc concept studios mixing by robert keizer the first track, 'gombori om', is inspired by the dew on mountain grasses at sunrise, when every blade of green contains also the light of the first light, and sing together the diapason of the universe. musically, it owes its main themes to joe hisaishi and to vedic chants. the second track, 'spiritual medley', is a simple exploration of a few folk songs and african-american spirituals which have been an emotional solace to me since boyhood.
starting with the theme from the great georgian film 'sabudareli chabuki', which was also included in 'temple of memory', it moves on through 'shenandoah', 'wayfaring stranger', and 'deep river'. the third track, 'b tritones', exists in the strange, unresolved spaces that occur perhaps in all of our lives. some things, no matter how much you want them to, may never come to a true resolution. some chords exist just to be struck and to resonate without explanation.



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