theAudiologist crafts the most tranquil and surrendering of sounds, these opining overtures tingle and twinkle with all the suspended charm…

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Ophiuchi [Deluxe] 2013 - Album
REISSUED Sophomore album by theAudiologist, glitch-fused electronic music layered with dashes of breakbeat and hiphop. All found samples and loops…


ZaphMann Feb 18, 2013

not sure I understand your message - try emailing (with your email) - I have a remix project you could join.

jamesdemitri Feb 16, 2013

WOW! Fantastic! How can I get in touch with u, if I want to use ur mosic for a project I am working on?

ZaphMann Nov 03, 2012

Played today on the show - ranking ?2-12 worldwide - get in touch. ta Zaph and we'll get you some club play too in pdx For quality broadcasting please send physical CDs & vinyl directly to the studio The Soup...

skeedar Dec 24, 2011

You on facebook dude...Gotta spread the word..Love your tunes :)