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Light off : Move on by springtide

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[Please support springtide!] If you are enjoying my music and thinking of supporting it, please listen to my music on Spotify or Apple Music as it helps me a lot to increase the visibility of my music over there : These are the first and second installments of Sounds Strange, Weird, But Unmistakably Romantic trilogy. The Vol.1 was released on Nov.15 2018, and Vol.2 was relased on Mar.17 2020.


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This song was inspired by an installation called "The Tenth Sentiment" by Ryota Kuwakubo ( I experienced it about 10 years ago, and I was completely knocked out.
The key to that installation is shadow. So basically, it’s a black and white world, and there is no background music. But interestingly, when I recall it, it’s a colorful world full of music. So I decided to record my version of the soundtrack.
In this song, the bass guitar serves as a lead instrument that plays a key melody while it also supports the bottom range of the song. It wasn’t intentional, but I’m proud of the result because I love the bass line of Walking On The Moon by The Police, which gives me a similar impression.
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