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Driving A Blue Car by springtide

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Producer: springtide
Engineer: springtide
This EP features songs that are remixed and reconstructed, and originally included in previously released EP “Sounds Strange, Weird, But Unmistakably Romantic” Vol.1 and Vol.2. "When I listen to my songs that I have already released, sometimes I realize that there are other possibilities that I had not explored. Just like a sampling of another artist's song can create an entirely new song, I am inspired by the textures, rhythms, and chord progressions that exist in certain parts of my own songs. Until the song collapses, I explore ambitious ideas that I wouldn't usually try, and play instruments that I
wouldn't normally use. And then, I get new songs that I never imagined.”



Track Info

This was the first song I worked on to see if the idea to reconstruct my songs would work. Firstly, I was able to come up with a completely different melody, inspired by the chord progression of the original song. After I switched the order of elements, added new bass line, I discovered a new song that was definitely "reconstructed".
I tend to write songs that make listeners feel uplifted (or sad), but for this song, I tried to keep the emotions consistent. I used a T.S factory’s semi-acoustic guitar for the solo, and also used a vocoder to make the guitar “sing".
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