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I was born in Cagliari in 1972 and grew up in a household where the predominance of opera and classical music (I mainly loved Russian composers) was disturbed by Andean protest songs, pop, punk, progressive and psychedelic rock and some jazz. I started composing music at the age of 4,
but my wish to attend the local Conservatory of Music crumbled as my parents explained I would only be allowed to perform other people’s works. That's why I turned to the idea of singing. As a kid, I used to spend hours, armed with a dictionary, trying to translate my favorite bands' lyrics. I wanted to sing in English so I chose to study foreign languages in high school. Then I completed my education by studying advertising photography at the European Institute of Design, where I learned to nurture my creative urges. When I was about 16 I started performing in public. This soon led me to my first jazz quartet, with Manolo Cabras, Matteo Carrus and Alessandro Garau. Later I had the pleasure of singing with Alessandro Di Liberto, Sandro Fontoni, Augusto Pirodda, Marek Patrman and Riccardo Pittau. I seized the opportunity to attend Paolo Fresu's series of “Nuoro Jazz” seminars, enjoying master classes with John Taylor, Butch Morris, Airto Moreira, Uri Caine and David Linx. I am truly grateful to Maria Pia De Vito and Sheila Jordan, who ridded me of any hang-ups regarding self-expression. In Cagliari I learnt overtone singing with Llorenc Barber and Yiddish singing with Alberto Jona, besides attending workshops by Rachel Gould and Miriam Meghnagi. After taking time out to work at a photo studio and then as a cabin attendant, I started writing songs again in 1996 with the trip-hop band Mucca Macca, whose records were distributed in several Euopean countries and were particularly popular in Japan. Having my toes in many pies: music, feltmaking, photography and psychology translation, I happened to become EMDR expert Roger Solomon's interpreter, subsequently I turned a cuckoo corner and my life was never the same again. From 1996 to 2010 I wrote around 100 songs, mainly for other musicians such as the visionary guitarist and producer Rosario Castagnola, various DJs and pop/dance producers, the great Igort, indie musician Alessandro Coronas and the fine Francesco Sotgiu. My decision to devote myself entirely to music (so to speak…as I am a mother too!) resulted in “il mio disco” (“My cd”), an outdated Lo-Fi pop record celebrating my life (until June 2010) and those who shared some of it. “My cd” was financed by 120 supportive people paying in advance for copies, covering the production costs. I am performing “My cd” live with three multi-instrumentalists and eventually a cello player: Francesca Corrias, Fabio Coronas, Elisa Casu and Gianluca Pischedda. Ours is an atypical and ‘portable’ quartet/quintet, bringing colour to streets, courtyards and small city corners, or cosy little theatres where we can look into our audience's eyes.