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Released Jan 16, 2012
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Last night we went to Laura Mura's concert at Alkestis theatre, so small, yet  perfect for her show. She had arranged her good music with few instruments, many toys, a great deal of wizardry and even some self-consciousness which she would laugh about with her audience, while offering some tea and cakes, establishing a continuous contact that would at once reassure her and make everybody feel at home. What we appreciated most was her ability to turn ordinary things into events, as well as the opportunity to enter her odd and tender world, smart and poignant, yet never stinging. Laura, with her big blue eyes, her delicate face and a voice that's whispered into her microphone, gave us millions of inspiring moments and we believe she would grab the attention of any audience, regardless of their nationality and ''social class''. Her lyrics, ranging from Italian to Arabic, Portuguese (Francesca's track), Japanese, English, Sardinian and Romanian, reveal her need and will to communicate with as many people as possible, albeit with a few at a time, as Laura does not seem to be in a hurry. In a speedy world, she strolls peacefully, with her brown shoes, her knee socks and her hair in bunches; she treads along the world from within her magic little one. It is real fun to see her play a colourful little trumpet she had dipped into soapy water, bringing out so many music bubbles enchanting every single member of the audience. Her songs are beautiful, each of the melodies that combine to make them is  strong enough by itself, that's why the tunes stick in your brain. They do not need anything more than their own inner strength. This is yet not enough for Laura, and here is why the precious 'other three' are there, making true in a simple way what she had drawn in her mind. A few well-balanced sounds are sufficient for Laura's simple songs that are nonetheless as grand as Laura is, together with Francesca, who represents a safe haven for everything that could go wrong and also for everything that turns out right. Francesca is multi-tasking, she sings and plays such instruments as guitar, glockenspiel, melodica and a small toy piano that eventually becomes an unusual drum she plays both with a drumstick and her hand, complete with  wedding ring. Francesca sings with her eyes, with her smile and a beautiful voice that's always ready for her friend Laura. Never overshadowing any other, though she could easily inundate the stage with her skills. She is even greater because of the low profile she keeps. For each song, she invents new ways to beat time; she is like a thread sewing together all the pieces of precious fabric that Laura chose for her musical blanket. Together they are even more extraordinary. Then there is Ciggiotskij, aka Fabio Coronas, who is also multi-tasking; he plays the trombone and flugelhorn, the melodica, the acoustic bass, and sings. At one point, he grabs one of the three toy guitars as the musicians start circling Laura, like a merry-go-round that stops only at the burst of a well deserved applause. Fabio also beatboxes, he is nice, at ease and he says the right thing at the right time. Elia plays the guitar, balalaika, melodica, bass and for the first time in his life he also sings, and though embarrassed he is always accurate and perfectly set within the precious world that we are all there to admire. We wish this awesome example of artistic sincerity to be shared around the world, while the beautiful Cagliari will always be here, faithfully waiting for them.
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