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des castagnettes dans la nuit by Jean Toba

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image of the album titled huit courtes fantaisies
image of the album titled huit courtes fantaisies
Jean Toba
Producer: Jean Toba
Engineer: Jean Toba
If somebody tell you "the shorter the better", what do you think of ? You think of many things, both avowable and unavowable ! Well, if you think in terms of humor, you will think of the old saying "the shortest jokes are the best". That means that it is useless to prolong a good word or a good joke in order not to end up boring the listeners of the joke or the hoax, unless this is the desired goal, as in some circles where sadomasochism is elevated to the rank of virtue.
For this album entitled "huit courtes fantaisies" translatable as "eight short fantasies" Jean Toba hopes that, if these musical fantasies are not the shortest he could have composed with his synthesizers, they will at least already be among the best he has done. Don't think that these fantasies are only jokes, some of them are deep and serious, others more light and casual. In any case jean Toba hopes they will be worthy of interest and sharing. Good listening, not too short, you could miss an important revelation for you...



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"des castagnettes dans la nuit" translatable as "castanets in the night" it's a nocturnal aerial walk through your imaginary city and its surroundings in the company of castanets, bass, organ and well-chosen synthetic riffs. Here, Jean Toba offers you a few minutes of subtle escape, enjoy it.
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