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Nepalese Gurkha by Irama Gema

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08. Irama Gema - Nepalese Gurkha 00:05:04

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from the 2022 Lp, Experiment VI.
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The Gurkhas are soldiers native to South Asia, chiefly residing within Nepal and some parts of northeastern India. The Gorkha soldiers are a dominant force in the Indian Army who have completed 200 years in the Armed Forces since their integration on April 24, 1815. They are courageous in battle and have won many gallantry awards and military honors. Gorkha was the usual designation of the reigning dynasty of Nepal and the designation had no ethnic connotation. Historically, the term ‘Gurkha’ is synonymous with ‘Nepali’ and is derived from the name of old kingdom of Gorkha (Gurkha), a hill town and present day district of Gorkha (~fifty kilometers west of Kathmandu) from which the kingdom of Nepal expanded. As the kingdom spread across the Himalayas from Tibet to Sikkim, the king’s warriors, taken from all groups in the area, came to be known as Gorkha soldiers. During the Gurkha War (1814–1816) between the Gorkha Kingdom and the East India Company, the British were impressed by the Gorkhali soldiers whom they called Gurkhas and they became a part of the British Indian Army. After India’s independence in 1947, as part of the Tripartite Agreement, the Gurkha Regiment was split between the British and the Indian Army.
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