Masuk Angin

Irama Gema

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Released Jun 04, 2022
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Masuk Angin by Irama Gema is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International License.
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from the 2022 Lp, Experiment VI.

Instrumental Yes
Explicit notes translation of the term "masuk angin" is: a draft or wind has entered [the body], i.e., to have a slight cold. masuk = to enter, angin = wind Masuk Angin="Wind Coming/Entering" also referred to by some as "trapped wind". Indonesians believe that the wind makes you sick (in various forms) .. and getting the wind out of your body ... by burping, or "kerokan" (drawing a oiled coin over your skin repeatedly until your skin turns bright red) ... makes you the wind exit your body and you get well!